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interviewer: sit down man, you're making me nervous! or you wanna stand?
Eminem: sometimes i like to fucking walk around when i talk man, i like to stand during interviews
interviewer: alright, your tour, your dressing room, your rules.
Eminem: i'll sit cause i can't fucking stand you! OW!
interviewer: How was it?
Eminem: Good! i'm a man of the people and i'm very much a people person, so to go out there and see the people when they let me out of my fucking cage it feels great.
interviewer: How did this idea came about?
Eminem: well you're talking to the wrong fucking person for that buddy *laughs*, there's the guy sitting over there, Mister Paul Rosenberg ladies and gentlemen *eminem claps*...paul save me from this question cause i don't understand it and i don't know what to do with my hands
Paul: well...
Eminem: I MEAN I KNOW THE IDEA...it was inspired in the work that me and rihanna have done together, it came from the music, the records.
interviewer: What goes into choosing your setlist for something like this?
Eminem: selfishness, and whatever i feel like doing is what people gotta fucking deal with...no but we always try to keep the setlist updated and if it means going back to older records or whatever it is, we don't wanna keep doing the same shit...but it definitely gotta have a lot of energy.
interviewer: you've been doing a lot of traveling this year, what might be one of the most memorable show you've done this year? like in New Zealand, south africa, Australia or any of those places you haven't been in a long time?
Eminem: Yo, i'm not a good memory guy!